To awaken the supreme power that is hidden within oneself to achieve highest good intentioned goals!!

A brief history

I started reading Yog Vaasishthha in 2008, thanks to My fiend Sandesh Sawant!!

Since then, I have kept reading the same, year over years to dig out the gems from this world's best scripture.

Initially, it was a small book, but after some years I realized that there is a complete version of this book available. I bought that book which was in Marathi, and it took around 2 years to complete that book. This reading was happening when I was in an IT/software job.

After reading the complete Yog Vaasishthha, I realized the true value of this scripture. Then I decided to take this book to everyone. So, when I talked to people, many people told that the scripture is complex, they tried reading it but left halfway and so on. I was puzzled by this as I found this scripture very interesting, powerful and full of simple knowledge through very interesting stories.

Then, I started conducting session on how to read Yog Vaasishthha and take it to completion so that people get motivated. These sessions were initially in person, lasting for three hours. People would remain glue-stuck for three hours without asking for a break. That is the power of this knowledge. Later I started online sessions too, and this mission is going on since then. On 7th September 2021, I completed a deep dive in to Yog Vaasishthha with 100 days sessions. Thanks to my friend Someshwar Koshti for organising and driving these. It was his patience, his skill of publicity and enormous efforts to take Yog Vaasishthha to maximum people that made this journey possible. The experiences for the audience have been phenomenal. One can go through those at

So, the mission is still going on!!

Where we are today

The sessions are still going on.

I believe that these sessions would be extremely useful to corporates where individuals aspire to achieve higher goals in life yet they want peace of mind. A one hour session from these scriptures can help get basic tips for this purpose.