For whom is Yog Vaasishthha?

It is for every human being!! Particularly for those, who want to know purpose of life, who believe that they are looking for freedom and don't know where to search for.

Do you charge anything for your sessions?

Currently not for general public. These sessions are free. Yes, there may be logistics costs involved but that is subject to discussions.

However, I do request people to donate to some charity of their choice and they need not disclose that to me. If people want, I may suggest charities of my choice, but people will have their freedom to donate or not donate anywhere.

For corporates, this is not yet decided.

How long does one session take?

It depends upon the availability of the audience. I can talk for hours. It can be one session of one hour, 3 hours, or a series of sessions. On 7th Sep 2021, I completed a series of 100 sessions!! Note, it was a series - so, 100 different sessions of different contents. Yog Vaasishthha is that big!

Any preferred timings?

That can be fixed depending upon mutual availability!

Can these sessions be online or have to be in person?

Both the options are available depending upon the schedule.