Yog Vaasishthha

The Ultimate scripture under the Sun.

Why Yog Vaasishthha?

To make every human realize that there is Lord Within everyone. One just needs to awaken the Ram and become Purushottam, the supreme human being so that one delivers the best in this very life while still maintaining peace of mind. On the outer actions, one would achieve materialistic Nirvana, within on the level of self, it is Pure Nirvana.

Yog Vaasishthha is supposedly the best scripture under the Sun that transformed Lord Ram from a totally dispassionate state, which has arisen out of pure thought, in to, Purushottam - The Supreme Human. It is the need of the hour to understand that knowledge which transformed Him so that we can transform ourselves.

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Know About Myself

My name is Yateen Vishnu Joshi and I am working on taking Yog Vaasishthha to every single person so that One does not suffer on any level.

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